order furosemide online The friendly alpacas of Maxwelton Aerie Farm are loved and cared for as individuals. They each have their own quirks, preferences and needs. They are distinguishable not only by their coloration, but by their physique and their personalities. Bill Fraser is very knowledgeable and has a passion for the ways of the alpaca.  He has had many years to observe their behavior and get to know our particular group of animals.  He brings much insight into the psychology and social behavior of the alpacas, their intelligence and their quirks. When you visit the ranch, you can talk to Bill Fraser about an opportunity to say Hi to this friendly bunch and possibly feed them with his instruction.

Bill Fraser

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Alpaca Dreams

By Michael Cowan

Creature of cold, high places
with your hair like the thatched roofs
of the Incas who kept you. they divined
their tenuous future from your movements.
You and the llama are what remains of that culture.
Father sun must have sent you, white as sunlight,
to be his evidence of truth and beauty.
Delicate face like the coca blossom,
the people must have thought of those dark eyes
when seeking words for the glances of their beloved.
Gentle spirit, your humming is like the Andean winds
caressing the stony Altiplano, beauty in desolation.

Hambras, each of you guard your young cria,
this gift from your body to the world of life.
Let them nurse, watch them dance footloose in their joy.
Machos, you who seek the female, and con permisso
enter a world of such mystery it makes you wail,
when the Andes hear you crying out with pleasure
they echo this song until the wind itself cries out.
You may be a fool for love, Alpaca dreamer,
but love becomes you, with your head thrown back
and your eyes rolling like dice in a drunken hand.

The song of life is in every soul who has ever seen you,
in anyone who has ever worn the bounty of your fleece.
The song echoes in the laughter of the children.
It sings in the patterns of courtship among humans,
who are sent to earth not only to live in this physical world
as animals, but also to sing of it in wonder.

It is this human spirit, linked with the Alpaca’s,
in a manner only God could divine, that makes us sing with you.
We sing in dreams dreamt both by Alpacas and humans. Each
dips a part of their soul into the stream of life, and the taste…
oh, the taste brings wonder to all our wailings.


~ Used by permission of author ~

Copyright © 2018 Carolyn Geise – All rights reserved

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