Danielle Olivyea Christian

Whidbey Island Oil Painter & Web Design Artist

“These paintings came about when I began to work with Carolyn Geise as a web designer and island contact during summer of 2015.  The moment I stepped onto the property, I was in love with just about everything I saw. Being one who is so nourished by beauty, I have been inspired! The paintings you see here and inside the Farmhouse are a few of the visions that really make my heart sing.  What moments would you like to memorialize with art from the days you’ve spent loving life at Maxwelton Aerie Alpaca Ranch?”

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“Each piece that you see here is a window into a moment of human history; a snapshot from my vantage point; my life suspended in form. I love this medium, because words are not needed. All that wishes to be held and conveyed is present in the moment you give it your attention. The window is always there, always clear as day. You need only be present with it for it to let you in. Colors vibrate in tones too deep for the ear to hear, but you can feel them, can you not? You join in and become an instrument for life to strum– just as it has be doing since the day I was inspired to paint– just as it has been doing since the beginning of time.”

About the Artist

Painting is the magical, beautiful gift that has blessed my life with so much joyful expression over the years. I have an eye for life-like portraits and capturing dynamic light. I can feel flowers and trees calling me to paint them. I answer the call as often as I am able!

I started painting for the first time in high school. Before that, my parents kept the shelves stocked with drawing supplies for my three younger sisters and me to keep busy. (We were allowed little to no TV). This was my training ground. Family was my critique group. We created both music and art. What a wonderful way to grow up!

My first attempt with oil paints was a disaster, as was my second. I didn’t think it would take. But somehow, I discovered how to complete paintings quickly in spite of the super slow drying time.

My work is often seen framed with hand crafted or carved woodwork. Lately, I enjoy purchasing plain, unfinished wood frames and giving them a shabby/antique feel using chalk paint and gold foil. This is SO fun.

I have displayed my work in southern California and Washington state. Currently my paintings are on display at various locations on Whidbey Island as well as in my online gallery. My work is in private collections across the United States and beyond. I am grateful to all who have shared in this beautiful inspired gift by treasuring it as their own and also to those who have brought more abundance into my life by spreading the word.

Thank you for visiting my art gallery and taking in the joy and love of my paintings.

Danielle Olivyea Christian


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Website Design

Danielle designed the Maxweltonaerie.com website (except for the branding style). Click the image above to view her website development and design work .



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