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To help you feel at home at the farmhouse, we have included this useful information page about the house and property. Here is a printable PDF version: Guest Information Sheet ~ PDF


Bill Fraser: (360) 579-2036 cell (Caretaker, next door)

Carolyn Geise: (206) 819-3710 cell

House phone: (360) 579-1561


username: Maxwelton Aerie
password: alpacas7224 (Posted by piano, near wireless hookup)

INFORMATION: In the house in the buffet, right cupboard has information that’s very helpful

For good, free maps of South Whidbey and a ferry schedule PICKUP ON FERRY.
For tides, fishing and shellfishing:

For Current events check out:

DRIVING Directions to Mukilteo/Clinton Ferry:
1 Take I-5 North to EXIT#189 “Mukilteo/Whidbey Island Ferry” (Exit right/then Big Overpass West over I-5.)
2  Allow ~45minutes from Mercer Street to get into line at ferry dock.
3  Follow signs to ferry in Mukilteo. Line backs up ~1 mile before toll booth.
4  Ferry takes 15 minutes and runs approximately on the half-hour.

Driving Directions On Whidbey Island to Maxwelton Aerie Alpaca Farm:
(Mileages are from the stoplight at the end of the ferry dock at Clinton.)
1 Follow the main road (Hwy 525) westerly 3.7 miles to second stoplight.  (Maxwelton Road)
2 Turn left (south) onto Maxwelton Road and drive south — 4.0 miles to our driveway.
3 Our driveway is on the right (west) side of Maxwelton Road, marked with our house number: “7224”
–Driveway is single lane with a loop at the top and parking near the house


Someone will probably be there to greet you if you arrive at check-in time or arrange for a different arrival time. Otherwise, get the Key   Code from Carolyn or Bill.
Carolyn cell: 206-819-3710
Bill cell: (360) 640-1554
2  If you need anything when you arrive but don’t see Bill Fraser, just give him a call.
2  A key ring is on the hook just inside the door to take with you when you go out to the store, etc.
3  The living room door has a night-latch (no key)


Bluff: The farm is perched on a high bluff, blocked off by planting and fencing. CAUTION STEEP BLUFF & ELECTRIC FENCING: Be sure your guests and children are informed to stay out of the planting and back from the bluff edge since this type of bluff can be undercut, and away from electric fencing which surrounds the alpaca pastures.

Working Farm: Maxwelton Aerie Alpaca Ranch is a working farm in a natural environment with the normal hazards of a farm such as electric fences, farm equipment, farm animals, etc. See release of liability in the confirmation.

Beach: The beach is inviting for walks and to see beach life but be sure you, your children and guests are aware of the dangers associated with beaches and tidal waters before going down to the beach.


We have a strict NO DOG POLICY. 
DOG KENNEL: A local dog kennel can provide all the care your pet needs so that you can enjoy your visit at the retreat house. Bayview Pet Resort is the kennel that Carolyn uses when big groups come up to the farmhouse. Call them for detailed information: (360) 321-4533

ALPACAS & LLAMAS We have alpacas and llamas in 3 separate pastures bordered by electric fences with gates.
Bill Fraser is the caretaker and lives next door. He feeds them morning and night and watches for their safety. He generally feeds at 9am or so and that is a good time to talk to him or go in to the pasture with him to learn about the alpacas.


There are stairs to the beach just south of the house.  Hold handrail as the steps are often slippery. Observe Beach Etiquette & Safety Check tides at go to Strait of Juan de Fuca at Sunset Beach, Whidbey Island.


Clamming & Cooking Information

The beach is full of wonderful sea life. Explore, enjoy, take photographs and disturb as little as possible. Don’t walk south in front of the beach houses unless the tide is way out so you can walk far enough away from the houses to respect their privacy.

Be careful when the tide is coming in. There are a few places where the beach disappears and it can be difficult to get back to the stairs at high tide.

The tidelands in this area are privately owned by one property owner in Maxwelton. We have been able to dig clams through the years along with many neighbors. There are also public beaches nearby. You can get information on beaches, whether the season is open, and permits at SEBO’s in Bayview 360-321-6080.

Anyone over the age of 15 clamming is required by state law to have a permit.  Call or look up food safety information for this time and area. Recreational shellfish hot line 1-866-880-5431. Additional information available at 1-800-562-5632


HEAT: (Ask Bill Fraser for additional instructions)

1 There is a new gas-log fireplace in the living room. The remote controls the temperature and flame size. Be careful not to turn it up too high as it gets very hot.

2 There is a gas stove in the upstairs master bedroom. Turn the gas stove ON & OFF by pushing the rocker switch on the right side of the stove. The knob is for the fan speed.

3 There is an automatic gas furnace that ducts warm air to the main floor and the upstairs bedrooms. Turn the furnace ON by adjusting the thermostat to 60 – 70 degrees (located on wall in dining room). Turn the thermostat down when you leave the house for any extended period of time and overnight.

4 There are electric wall heaters in the upstairs bathrooms.


There is a general “Guest Book” on the dining room buffet, as well as a “Guest Recipes” book, in case you wish to contribute art, prose, poems, pictures or favorite recipes. Get creative with crayons and watercolor pencils in the basket in the living room.

Browse through the library for a good book or play any CD’s to add music to your stay. If you get into a book and would like to finish it, you may check it out from our lending library. Just sign it out and take it home to finish your reading. The lending library sign out book is located in the middle drawer of the dining room buffet.

NOTE: The one exception to our lending library are Pete Schoening’s mountain climbing books, which must not leave the premises.


We have a selection of games and puzzles for your enjoyment in the closet in the living room and in the buffet in the dining room. There are lots of beach toys.


Please leave beds UNMADE. Either leave sheets on the bed or place in the wicker laundry basket in the main floor utility room. Recycling: Put food scraps in the stainless steel bucket for the compost. It can be emptied into the worm bin drum just north of the parking area. Our recycle pick up is mixed paper, glass and plastic in clear garbage sacks. Only rinsed bottles (no lids) are recyclable. If you want your garbage recycled properly, prepare it by separation, keep clean and rinsed and Bill will see that it is recycled. Leave in kitchen or in front of garage door.


1 Call Bill Fraser on his cell phone and leave a message that you are leaving. 1-360-640-1554

2 Turn off :
the furnace thermostat
the upstairs bathroom heaters
the upstairs propane stove
the living room fireplace
the range

3 Close doors but don’t worry about locking them.


The farmhouse is a work in progress. We are constantly making improvements and would love your input. Please let us know about anything we can do to improve your vacation experience. If you have suggestions, please send us an e-mail or use the green contact form on this page.

   ~   Have a pleasant stay and come again!  ~

Carolyn Geise

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