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The most satisfying thing about Maxwelton Aerie Alpaca Ranch is the joy this property brings to its guests. From the beginning, we have kept guestbooks that people use to record their memories and their inspiration. Over time, the many pages are filled with poetry and prose, favorite recipes from the kitchen, artistic renderings and photographs from cherished experiences. Here are a few highlights we’d like to share with you. Reviews below

What our guests are saying…

“Carolyn! What a wonderful stop on our life’s journey! We felt so at home. You and Bill are such beautiful people and my kids and I (and my mom) had such an AMAZING TIME! We hope to book again this summer. Thank you and God.” ~ Bethany

“I loved petting the alpacas and enjoyed the beaches very much…” ~ the kiddos


“This little utopia has become something of a home away from home for us these days. This trip marks our 12th or 13th visit (I’ve lost count). Like a fine wine, this place keeps getting better with age. I see memories of past visits each place I look, while still making new ones each day. Thanks yet again for making this place feel like home each and every year.  We’ll be dreaming of our next trip on those dreary Seattle winter days.”

The Quinton Family

“It was such a pleasure to stay at the farm – we were all totally in awe of its beauty and peace.”

Alicia M

Edmonds Washington

“Hi Carolyn,

We are all in awe of the updates!!  It is absolutely beautiful! We love the bathrooms upstairs along with the new reading nooks and sleeping nook.  Kids all wanted to sleep in that nook.  It’s very fun. You have done a great job with the updates.   I also love the new artwork around the house.  Thank you for continuing to share this experience with us!  We decided we’ll book soon for next August.”

The Held Family

“Barefoot on the beach, eating fresh crab, catching flounder, giggling with Maya (my friend on the island).  These are the things that made our stay enjoyable, not to mention campfires, walking to the corner store, shopping for souvenirs, feeding the alpacas and llamas. That’s what makes me want to come back…”


The Simpson Family

“Life flows into us here.”

Jaime Sindell

“I can’t think how many years– decades? –since I’ve been out of earshot of cars or heard owls hooting. They don’t make stars like these in Belltown.  Each day of Maxwelton Aerie lifts a year of cares away. Thank you for sharing this retreat.”

Tina H.

Vine Street Retreat

“We were a family group of 6 adults and 3 small children, joined for two of the 6 days by 2 more adults with 2 small children. Due to the thoughtful renovation of the upstairs, the house feels spacious and easily accommodates extra people willing to sleep on floor mats or a couch. Carolyn personally greeted us at the house to give us a detailed orientation and was readily available by phone during the week. We found this to be an enchanting home and property.

The decor of the home is utterly lovely, warm and welcoming and Carolyn has thoughtfully provided for every imaginable way visitors might like to spend their time. As my son put it, it is not a hotel in the form of a house, but rather an inviting and clearly well-loved home. We loved the gardens spilling with cutting flowers, the comfortable outdoor furniture and hammocks, the space for children to run and explore. Bill, the caretaker, gently guided the children (and adults) to become comfortable and familiar with the alpacas and llamas as individuals, and when asked, provided a wealth of information about these endearing animals. This marvelous opportunity is a unique benefit of this property.

We spent hours on the shell-covered beach and enjoyed it despite the abundance of seaweed, likely an effect of the hotter than usual weather. We ate most of our meals outdoors, and we will remember peaceful evenings on the lawn watching the sunsets evolve over the Sound and the distant Olympic Mountains. We expected to enjoy our family week, but it was definitely enhanced by spending it together in this magical place. I hope to return here someday!”


“The people, the place, the atmosphere all intermingle to create a sense of possibility, serenity and compassion. Great stuff to build the future from!”


Vine Street Retreat

“I’m sitting outside. The eagle flies overhead– I am vividly aware of the lives of the animals here; the birds, rabbits, llamas, alpacas. Sounds of their working, eating, talking. This is in fact, the big solution to my smaller problems. We fit right in. I have been contemplating my mother’s name, Grace, this year and I find the meaning of grace in your caring for this land and your sharing it widely among so many people.”

Jane Sindell

“Carolyn ~

The weather was stormy during our stay this time—but what a cozy place your house is! We curled up with hot chocolate as Coast Guard helicopters flew over, eagles battled the wind and a rainbow briefly appeared. Thanks for sharing your wonderful, perfect place!”

Sarah, Jum, Kati & Joey

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