Willow Bader

Encaustic Painter

Late Summer’s Song

Encaustic, 28 x 20

Quoted from her website:

“The images I will share and talk about represent the directions I have pushed encaustic painting beyond the mainstream boundaries as an artist. This is about where I’m going with my art. It is my way of trying to be useful to those who, like me, see art as an ongoing adventure and a way of addressing other people. I want this to be informal – what I would say if you and I were standing in front of the paintings with you…”

“Please Be Seated”

Encaustic, 36”x40”

“PLEASE BE SEATED is one of my favorite paintings from my new series of Table Life Paintings. I had noticed how much I enjoyed painting people gathered around a table with food and drink. So I decided to focus on the table. Anticipation of a special dinner. Good food being made. The dinner enjoyed. The last bit of cake that was shared with friends…..

They are “Table Life” paintings because they are alive!  They are about the life around the table. They are not “Still Lives”- because they are not “still”. They are looser, more spontaneous paintings, with parts of the wood panel completely unpainted.  There are also marks showing from my sketching in of my subject and other areas I have scraped the paint off to make my image and to show the grain of the wood again.”

About the Artist

Willow Bader is an Encaustic artist with over 20 years experience expanding the boundaries of art and paint. She makes her home in Seattle, Washington.

Email: willow@willowbader.com

81 Vine Street, #203
Seattle, WA 98121

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